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The core of our work is human approach and relations that we form with our partners and crew.

If Graffiti had a second name, it would be QUALITY. It’s about the experience, effectiveness, communication, professionalism, good taste and guts that make us such a great team to produce cutting-edge visuals and powerful stories for you and your audience.


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Graffiti now

We inhaled the past, we exhaled the future. We turned the future into the presence. We are creating it. We are BREATHING THE NOW! Welcome to good old and yet new Graffiti Films. First of all, we’ve changed our colours. Electrifying pink became minty fresh green. But it doesn’t mean we’ve lost our grit! We’ve strengthen our foundation and we grow. We constantly develop our branches with new ideas and strategies. Every moment is like a sunny spring for us. So stay tuned! Enjoy the bloom. Follow us and wait for the first flowers. Breathe the now!



A long time ago, in the 1990’s, there were two men who had dreams, ideas and the balls to establish a production house in Poland. They both loved Led Zeppelin, and the name for their company comes from the song „Physicial Graffiti”.


For years, they developed the company and it became one of the most relevant production houses in this part of Europe. They taught the new generation the respect for good old values and how to build business relations on a foundation made of honesty and trust.


After 20 years, the men decided to head over to some tropical islands and enjoy their well-deserved retirement. Meanwhile, the company still grows in the hands of 3 major Graffiti figures – Szymon, Franek and Kacper.

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ul. Górnośląska 16/21

00-432 Warszawa


22 858 74 88


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